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Pif Magazine – “Confession Time” and “Giving Up, A Man in Seattle”

Lunch Ticket at Antioch University – Translations – “Death” and “Jebu Island, and also Rain”

World Literature Today – Nonfiction – Translation – “The Mythology of ‘I’ in Translation: Kim Myung Won’s ‘Dabi'”

The Anthology of Surveillance Poetics (ed. Andrew Ridker, Black Ocean, 2014) – “Clearance” and “My Country”

Narrative Magazine – “Tiger Balm,” “Moat,” “The Joyful God,” and “Sitting Under the Canopy, Mercer Island”

Phantom Limb – “Kaleidoscope”

National Poetry Month – Nonfiction – “Why Everyone Should Write Poetry”

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Hayden’s Ferry Review – Poetry translations from Korean – “Cried” and “Dabi”

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Thought Catalogue – Nonfiction – “This is Why Everyone Should Write Poetry”

KoreAm Journal (Forthcoming)

Hot Street (Forthcoming)

Gumship – “EJ Koh Interview: Without a Plan”

Blue Lyra Review – Translations of Korean poetry by Kim Myung Won “49th Day,” “On the Road”

Jackfroot Magazine Profile  – “EJ Koh: Newcomer Makes Us Care About Poetry”

Blue Lyra Review  – “Visiting My Estranged Mother at A-802 Adena Luce in Seoul, Korea,” “Division”

We Wanted To Be Writers  – “Clearance”

We Wanted To Be Writers Guest Post  – “Books By My Bed”

Alchemy Journal for Translation (1) (2) (3) – “Dating 1″ “Dating 3″ “In The Bathroom 2″

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“TriQuarterly is perhaps the preeminent journal for literary fiction in America” -The New York Times

Gulf Stream  – “Liquor Store”

Entasis Journal  – “Ghosts,” “656 Sunnyhills”

“I am but one woman. I contain no power to move those around me and never will try to. My very best involves finding change in myself and Beauty in its richest form, in nature and the human heart.” -Featured profile on IAmKoreanAmerican

The Orange County Register

“The recent attacks on South Korea hit particularly close to home for me because my parents live there.” -Orange Punch Article Nov. 23

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“[T]he satisfyingly mouth-thick, incantational sonics of the two poems that were contributed by Angela Koh” -Lantern Review for Cha Issue 10

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