60K Challenge

The thermometer chart was a tool that encouraged me to keep a schedule. Word count doesn’t represent quality. I don’t want to enforce a kind of speediness or thermometerness.

Last week, I reached my goal of 60K words in 3 months. Above is the second half of my progress thermometer (you’ve seen the first half). The blocks of color show however much I wrote in one sitting. Towards the middle, you can see my desperation. I’m forcing myself. All the short spurts. I feel like I just got out alive.


 plot maps


Plot maps are something new to me. I drew out the settings in my novel: the rivers, the forest, the town, the underground water system, animals, plants, etc. It felt natural and along the lines of the storyboards and visual charts I’ve become obsessed with. I have between 15-20 pages of maps.  It’s something I want to continue. It’s fun and I don’t know when I’ve become so playful with the process. But I recommend plot maps.

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  1. Darlene Craviotto

    Congratulations! Starting a manuscript, and finding the discipline to write on a regular bais is amazing enough, but finishing is truly a miracle. Many have been called to write a book, but few have the tenacity to finish.

    • Mutlu

      The tides in the Gulf of Thailand change by axlpopimatery 2 meters from lowest to highest, although in the Monsoons of November the seas will swell with the odd storm. This allows for great swimming throughout the year. In May and June when the tides are typically at their lowest, this allows for some of the best times to experience the coral reefs surrounding the island. Exposed for a few hours of the day, the reefs come to life above the water for this duration of time, and snorkeling is an adventure that must be on the agenda.

    • Mero

      Ashton (the bride) – Thank you so much to Yaira, Brianna and the team at LFP! Our photos have suearsspd my expectations and more. I love and cherish each one for different reasons. Yaira, You made Sheldon and I, in addition to our wedding party, very comfortable and at ease and it really shows in the images. Thank you so much for your creative energy and enthusiasm. It has been a wonderful journey working with you and I wouldn’t change a thing

      • Naveed

        I have read that the weather is prttey much consistent on Koh Samui year-round, but how are the tides? Does Koh Samui have drastic changes in the tides? Is swimming good year round also?

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  3. Heriberto Ostlund

    I just want to say I am all new to blogging and truly savored your page. More than likely I’m likely to bookmark your site . You certainly come with great well written articles. Thanks for revealing your blog.

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